Quality Is The Top Priority: Choosing Good CBD Products?


The CBD industry has made leaps and bounds in the past few years. There were many events that transpired in the past 70 odd years, and it all culminated in the Farm Act being put in place in the year 2018. This effectively meant that hemp and its derivatives were no longer considered as controlled class I substances. It was enforced at a federal level and it legalised the possession, distribution, growth of hemp and all its related subsidiaries- Hemp CBD was one of them.

This created a sea of opportunity for new CBD businesses and suppliers to make their mark and be part of the CBD industry. Many countries had made headway long before the US, but with the US coming on the map, it meant that the CBD industry was gearing up for a new wave of growth- one that it was shunned from since the beginning of the 1930s.

CBD products were taking up racks and shelves from north to south, east to west. People’s perception of the herbal medication morphed in time and it reached a favourable position by the time the bill was passed. CBD use went through the roof and the industry grew.

But from the perspective of the consumers, this posed a dilemma; what to choose or how to choose good CBD products from bad ones. After all, the CBD industry wasn’t one that has been around for centuries, and people are still coming to terms with it. Because of the very reason, people end up buying CBD products that are sub-par and end up not experiencing the actual benefits of CBD therapy. For certain products, there may be toxins in them that sprout up many health issues and long-term issues that may no surface for a few years.

We felt the need to educate the reader on how to pick out the good from the bad. This isn’t rocket science, but knowing these simple tips will help you make a better choice for your health.

Baby Steps

Once you know that CBD is the right step ahead for you, in terms of wellness, then a simple search on the internet or through your local CBD retail store will give you an idea of the host of CBD products available in the market.

Here are a few criteria that you can use when you are looking for a CBD oil manufacturer.

Naturally Grown Hemp

The source of the hemp and the soil it is grown goes a long way in defining the quality of the final extract. This is why you need to stay clear of hemp that was grown on fertilizers and chemical insecticides. These will have serious repercussions and will lead to dangerous toxins finding its way into your system, compromising your immune system especially for the elderly, children and pregnant women. Check specifically for the source and the soil nature where the hemp is grown on.

Top Grade Facilities

Regulatory bodies have not completely integrated with the CBD industry, meaning that there are many low-quality CBD suppliers and manufacturers out there, that are using terrible farming practices, and not following proper protocol to keep the final quality of the product good.

As such food-grade processing must be a minimum standard, as hemp based CBD is considered a foodstuff and not a drug or supplement. Medical or pharmaceutical-grade processing is the optimum choice, and there should be no shortcuts in that regard.

You want to make sure that the CBD product is prepared in a sterile environment and packaged properly, keeping safety and quality side-by-side as the top two priorities. Take the time to research about the manufacturer and hear in on the word about what reviewers and individuals who have used the product before, have to say about them. This concerns your body and your wellness, and it is best you don’t cut corners.

The Results Must Be Lab-Verified

The CBD manufacturer must be transparent about the results pertaining to the quality and content of their products. This in turn ties in with their quality control and practices, which reflect in the final report or the Certificate of Analysis (CoA). The CoA must be furnished when asked, and them dodging around, not giving it to you would mean that they have something to hide. Only CBD manufacturers that have nothing to hide will make this readily available.

The testing must be from a third-party independent lab which on its own must be accredited by a recognised body. The test result will have all the information relating to the biological and chemical contaminants, the various compounds and the percentages of them. Make sure to check that the concentration of THC in the CBD product is below the 0.3% mark as set in place.

The Final Note

Keeping these simple aspects in mind will make sure that you only pick out the best of the best. When it comes to CBD, you either go get the best or you don’t get one at all!