Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits
Benefits Of CBD Oil
Benefits Of CBD Oil

CBD oil and hemp oil are two terms you will be usually hearing when you are searching for CBD products. Many people confuse these two products for each other, as they are derived from the same plant. Also, many companies market CBD oil as hemp oil for avoiding the problems associated with the FDA. This makes it difficult for users to distinguish between these oils.

Both hemp oil and CBD oil are extracted from different plant parts and they have different properties. Also, the benefits of CBD oil will not be the same as the effects provided by hemp oil. Hence, it is of great importance to know the difference between these two for selecting the right product for you.

As mentioned earlier, some companies market CBD oil as hemp oil, so when you purchase a product, you have to check whether it is really CBD oil or hemp oil. Look for the terms like CBD, cannabinoids, hemp extract, etc. on the label. If you can find any of these, then it will be CBD oil.

Source Of CBD Oil And Hemp Oil

Both these oils are formed from different parts of plants. CBD oil is extracted from the entireplant, while the hemp oil is produced from its seeds. As the CBD oil is now widely present in the market, the hemp oil is now commonly referred to as hemp seed oil.

CBD oil can be produced from different parts of cannabis or hemp including flowers, stalks, etc. The method for separating this oil from the plant is called the extraction method, where the oil will be extracted with the help of a solvent or a gas like CO2. The resultant product will be then tested rigorously for finding the presence of any unwanted substance.

Hemp oil is formed by a process called cold pressing where the hemp seeds will be de-shelled, chilled and then squeezed for extracting their content.


The CBD oil and hemp oil varies in terms of contents present in them. The main component of CBD oil is cannabidiol (CBD), and it can also contain other cannabinoids along with compounds like terpenes that are present in the plant.

Hemp oil does not have the presence of any cannabinoids in it, instead, it is a rich blend of nutrients that contains a high concentration of protein, vitamin E, and polyunsaturated acids.


Major uses of CBD oil include its effectiveness in treating different diseases like nausea, pain, inflammation, heart diseases, anxiety, stress, depression, etc. It is also used to promote sleep and improve mental and physical balance.

Hemp oil is widely used because of the great nutritional value it carries. It has become a hit in the kitchen and is used in different food items and drinks including smoothies. It is also widely being used in the skincare industry for its vast potential to protect and nourish skin.