Benefits Of Using Raw CBD Oil

Raw Hemp Oil
Raw Hemp Oil
Raw Hemp Oil
Raw Hemp Oil

When looking for hemp or CBD products, you can find a wide variety of forms. Some of them will contain raw hemp oil, whereas some others contain a processed form of the hemp oil. Raw and processed hemp oils can slightly vary in terms of their components and properties. Therefore, you should be aware of these forms for knowing the ideal choice for you. So, we list some of the important benefits you will get by using raw and natural CBD oil.

What Is Raw CBD Oil?

Raw hemp oil or CBD oil is the product that is derived directly from the hemp plants. Such oils will not be heated or filtered. Therefore, they will be able to retain most of the properties of the hemp plant.

A large number of compounds in the hemp plant are highly volatile. Therefore, processing the CBD oil may result in the evaporation of such compounds. So you won’t be able to get the benefits of these compounds by consuming processed CBD oil.

An important example of the cannabinoids that will be lost when the CBD oil is processed is CBDa. This is a cannabinoid present in the hemp plant in addition to CBD. It is simply the acidic form of CBD, and it will be converted into CBD when the hemp oil is heated.

CBDa is rarely found in CBD oil as this compound is highly unstable. It can be easily converted into CBD in the presence of heat. Therefore, it will be absent in the CBD products that have undergone heating.

How CBDa Is Formed?

Different cannabinoids present in the hemp plant are usually derived from CBGa (cannabigerolic acid), a cannabinoid present in the stem cells of the hemp plant. Other cannabinoids will be derived from CBGa through different processes. This base cannabinoid will be initially broken down into different cannabinoids that are acidic in nature, which includes CBGa and THCa. The rest of the cannabinoids are produced from these acidic variants. Both CBD and THC are derived through the decarboxylation process of their respective acidic cannabinoids. Decarboxylation is the process through which the molecular structure of the acidic compounds changes in the presence of heat.

Benefits Of CBDa

Similar to CBD, CBDa can also have some impacts on the human body that can be beneficial for controlling different health conditions. This compound has the ability to affect the endocannabinoid system that can promote the homeostasis within the human body. This system is responsible for managing a variety of other functions too including sleep, appetite, immune response, etc. Therefore, CBDa can also be useful for treating a wide range of health conditions similar to CBD.

Using raw hemp oil can provide you a large number of additional benefits. Raw oil will have some extra compounds present in them when compared to processed hemp oil.  Therefore, you will be able to get the health benefits provided by these compounds too by using such oils.