Is CBD Addictive?


There is growing evidence that has shown the positive sides of CBD. Its ability to reduce anxiety, reduce inflammation and pain and seizure-suppressant properties have put CBD on a pedestal- a cut above the rest of the natural extracts that are available nowadays.

To say that the popularity of the natural extract has skyrocketed- would be a gross understatement. The cannabis revolution is certainly turning global, to say the least. As for the USA, that has recently legalised hemp products and its derivatives, the hemp-derived CBD is now legal in 50 states as long as the psychoactive THC does not exceed the permissible 0.3% mark.

But, we aren’t here to all shower praise on CBD. We are here to answer a common query that has been on the mind of users for quite some time: IS CBD addictive?

Can you get completely hooked on the extract, and it pulls you in back for more? Will you start scratching your neck and twitch if you don’t get your dose of CBD for the day?

We will help you figure it all out and come to the conclusion if CBD use can cause you to get addicted to it. Read on…

How One Gets Addicted

Without getting too medical and scientific, we will be briefly going through it. It is the complex psychological and physiological response to particular stimuli which is external. When the brain comes in contact with substances like nicotine, caffeine and others, it gets flooded with neurotransmitters especially dopamine- this is what creates the pleasurable sensations. This is only part of the big picture.

The behavior gets learned and this makes the user seek out addictive substances long after the effects have worn off. Addiction points to a reward-related learning process as the main mechanism that accelerates addiction. Over time the tolerance increases and the substance or triggers need to be done so often in order to reach the same level of ‘high’ – this is dangerous especially when it comes to drugs like opioids.

CBD Is Nowhere Near Addictive

CBD doesn’t produce the psychoactive high that THC in marijuana is known for. CBD is clearly only therapeutic in its effects and hence physical addiction is not even a possibility. A research that was conducted in the year 2011 showed that doses even as high as 1500 mg/day did not overdose, nor impair the psychological functions in any way.

CBD isn’t habit-forming and there is no known piece of research or scientific evidence that show the addictive nature of CBD, if at all.