CBD: A Natural Way To Reduce Blood Pressure?

Benefits Of CBD Oil
Benefits Of CBD Oil

High blood pressure and hypertension are ailments that can be compared to bombs ready to explode! The number of adults who have fallen prey to high blood pressure is astonishing; in the U.S alone as much as 75 million people are affected and this makes up around 32%, that is 1 in 3 adults have this condition in the United States!

The ailments act as invisible killers lurking in the dark; as the pressure and stress around you build up and if you are not able to contain and re-route it, it ends up causing life threatening side effects:

  • Loss of Vision
  • Damage to blood vessels, aneurysms
  • Renal failure
  • Increased risk of heart attack and myocardial infarction
  • Increased risk of dementia and stroke

The list of side effects is enough to spook any sane reader. But the question most of you have in mind is, is there a safe way to mitigate the effects? Most of you must have thrown the addictive pain killer pills down the trash and would be looking for a more natural alternative. Let me introduce you to CBD.

CBD- Cannabidiol

The miracle drug has made headlines all over the news and the wave is only beginning to sweep across the world. Of the several CBD health benefits that we might have come across, one that is of particular interest is if CBD can reduce blood pressure. The answer is Yes!

There are studies that have proven CBD to be an effective vasodilator, which means it normalizes blood pressure and allows for the healthy blood flow in the circulatory system. Apart from attacking the source, CBD use also reduces the intensity and risk of strokes by acting as a neuroprotective agent. CBD is proven to show analgesic and anxiolytic effects, which help reduce the resting blood pressure and at the same time reduce the risk of ever increasing hypertension due to stress. CBD also increases the time that anandamide stays in the system by restricting its inhibitors. Anandamide is a hormone much like serotonin that brings a feeling of relaxation and a good mood. The body that is more relaxed is able to better cope with stress and anxiety, reflected in the reduced blood pressure.

One needs to keep in mind that although CBD is the perfect addition to your regimen, the need for exercise, eating a well-balanced diet, reducing the intake of sweets and savories, all go complementary with CBD use.