Will CBD Help With Seasonal Allergies

Can CBD Help With Allergies
Can CBD Help With Allergies
Can CBD Help With Allergies
Can CBD Help With Allergies

Changing seasons are great. They fill our memories with beautiful moments and experiences. Each season has something special to offer us and each one of us has our own favorite season. Some of us have other visitors that we hate when the seasons change, allergies.

What Are Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal allergies, as it is clear from what it is called, are allergies that occur when people come in contact with airborne particles that they are allergic to. Pollens are the most common cause; not all seasons have the same pollens.

Summer has pollens from grasses like bermuda, and timothy. Weeds like the English plantain also have pollens. During spring, pollens from trees like oak, elm, maple, etc cause allergies. Ragweed pollens are responsible for it during autumn.

Can CBD Help With Seasonal Allergies?

It has become a trend to try CBD. It is being added widely in different foods, since it is easily available and also natural. If CBD helps with seasonal allergies, it will be a relief to people who suffer from it. Some of the properties of CBD that can help people with seasonal allergies are explained below.


You might not be aware of the different microbes floating around in your home- which is the most confined and safest place you can be in. Allergies make you vulnerable to microbes because of which you might easily get infected.

CBD and the terpenes present in the full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD have proven to be anti-microbial. These compounds can help you defend yourself from the microbes that will attack when you are recovering from your allergy.

Balance Immune System

A reason why you react to particular particles the way you react might be due to a weak immune system. Allergies are caused when exaggerated responses are sent by the immune system.

CBD reacts with the endocannabinoid system which will strengthen your immune system.


The pain and puffiness that you experience during an allergic attack is called inflammation. It is a way your immune system reacts to the allergen. An example of inflammation is the feeling of your head being full when you are suffering from sinus. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the pain and other symptoms of allergy.

Makes Calm

Some people freak out when they learn that they are having an allergic attack. Keeping yourself calm will help you live through the experience and will also help you cope up with the symptoms.

Can CBD Help With Allergies In Dogs?

Of course, it can. Like said before, CBD creates a relaxed feeling which will help your pet dog handle his/her anxiety. But, get a prescription from a vet before you give your dog CBD.