Some Questions About CBD For Seniors

CBD For Seniors
CBD For Seniors
CBD For Seniors
CBD For Seniors

Old age is often associated with declining health. Most seniors take some medication to handle the symptoms associated with their age-related medical disorders and CBD has recently grown popular amongst older adults.

In this article, we answer some of the common questions about CBD for seniors.

How Should Seniors Use CBD?

As there are many types of cannabidiol products, the intake options are plenty. But all CBD administering methods are not going to suit seniors because they may mostly be in poor health. Vaping and smoking CBD has shorter onset times but we do not recommend it to seniors with respiratory problems.

You have many options to choose from, including CBD oils, tinctures, edibles and more. Sublingual cannabidiol products have to be kept under the tongue for not less than thirty seconds before you swallow it, in order to facilitate the absorption of CBD into the bloodstream through sublingual glands.

How To Approach CBD Dosage For Seniors?

There has been no report of CBD overdoses but taking the right doses is still important to get the best benefits out of it. Most people respond to doses between 40 to 100 mg taken every day. The dosage range is appropriate for handling pain and anxiety symptoms.  It is generally recommended that first time CBD users start with small doses and increase it gradually until they find out the dosage that is ideal for them.

It is wrong to assume that different age groups have different ideal dosages. It does not work that way. A person’s body metabolism, endocannabinoid tone and body weight are some factors that influence the dosage that will work for them.

The generally recommended starting dosage for healthy adults is 5 mg of CBD but we cannot stick to that dosage rule when it comes to elderly people. They would be already taking a number of medications and will mostly be very sensitive to the side effects of medications. Hence we would have to cut the dosage into half, i.e start with 2.5 mg CBD every day.

How Should Seniors Supplement Or Replace Their Medications With CBD?

The basic principle for adding or removing a medication is that you do not introduce or stop taking more than one medication at a time. If you are someone who has been taking sleep aids for some years and is considering replacing it with CBD now, you should never do it all of a sudden. Your insomnia may get worse. Consult with a physician and incorporate CBD into your medication slowly.

Many age-related health issues that trouble seniors can be effectively managed by regular CBD use. Also, make sure that you are not getting some poor quality cannabidiol product, which is not uncommon in a largely unregulated market like CBD.